my life before code

my life before code

Long before I took interest in code I was an Electrical Engineer (and still am). I don't talk about this much so I figured I might summarize who I was before my life of code. This is a quick vlog/blog of how I ended up where I am and the journey so far.

I was born in a prefecture, county-level town in Yunnan Province, China. My parents are farmers. My growth path has been reading and taking exams. I will enter a good school step by step. The ultimate goal is to enter a good university. This is the dream of all students in China, as well as the dream of their families. I think I study very hard, but I took a college entrance exam, I chose the major of science and engineering, mechatronics, the purpose is to have a good job in the future. After graduating, I entered society to look for work. I was bumped all the way. I entered a small business and a state-owned enterprise. I finally chose a state-owned enterprise that makes electrical equipment. I stayed there for five years and was sent to Chongqing to study and work. After a year and a half, at that time, I was tortured by the sultry climate in Chongqing and jobs with no prospects in sight. I always wanted to go back to Yunnan as soon as possible! After returning to Yunnan, I continued to engage in work that I didn't want to do. During the period, I also met my girlfriend through friends, my current wife, entered married life, and had children.

In the company at the time, I was engaged in work that I didn’t like every day, but it was relatively stable and easy. I was also actively looking for my own breakthrough. During this period, I unconsciously found Li Xiaolai’s blog and continued to follow him. Later, he was founded. The freshman university full-stack camp training course is aimed at people who do not have a computer professional foundation, learning programming, learning ruby ​​on rails, I also chose to pay tuition and buy a computer (second-hand MacBook pro) and step into the programming door after thinking twice.

I went to the company with confidence and found a startup company through my classmates in the Kunming community of Full Stack Camp. During my time in the company, I learned front-end technology but didn’t work on ruby ​​on rails. I didn’t know what the consideration and choices were at that time. I have been doing front-end development for more than five years. In the past few years, I have not given up my knowledge of the ruby ​​on rails, and I am studying hard.

Becoming a programmer, I have both joys and worries. The joy is that I have found my interest. The worry is that my city does not have a good employment environment for programmers. I entered some outsourcing companies and did not grow much. The salary is not good, I am facing whether to quit.

I currently continue to engage in my front-end development, in a construction engineering company, developing the products they need. I continue to learn JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and the framework I use is React.

Things don't always pan out as you hope but somehow life has a way of working things out. Some things you can control but most you can't. Learning to go with the flow has allowed me to live happier and more fully.

Whatever your aspirations are my advice is just to follow through. You'll never look back ashamed of trying.